Best HDTV models on the market. Top rated flat panel plasma and LCD HDTV offering best picture quality and set of features.

Panasonic V10 Series - Best Plasma HDTV

Panasonic V10 Plasma HDTV

Rating: (9.5)

The exceptional Panasonic V10 models outperform any other HDTV on the market. It has the best black levels and is THX certified, meaning it has great color accuracy as well.

Samsung B8500 Series - Best LCD HDTV

Samsung B8500 LCD HDTV

Rating: (9.5)

This high-end LED LCD TV from Samsung manages to produce extremely deep black levels and its colors are highly accurate as well. It's the best LCD TV and one of the best HDTVs.

Samsung PN B650 Plasma HDTV Series

Samsung PN B650 Plasma HDTV

Rating: (9.5)

Superb colors and deep blacks give PN B650 models top picture quality. It also has a rich feature set, including interactive features like Yahoo! widgets.

Panasonic G10 Plasma HDTV Series

Panasonic G10 Plasma HDTV

Rating: (9.0)

Offering a picture quality almost as good as that of top of the line V10 models, G10 series is a great choice if you want superb quality and at the same time spend a bit less.

Samsung B750 LCD HDTV Series

Samsung LN B750 LCD HDTV

Rating: (9.0)

Though it does not benefit from the latest LED technology, the LN B750 series has deep blacks and accurate colors, managing to compete with the best LCD models out there.

Samsung B8000 LCD HDTV Series

Samsung UN B8000 LCD HDTV

Rating: (9.0)

The LED edge-backlit UNB8000 series has the deep blacks specific to LED LCDs and accurate colors. Also, it is just 1.2 inch thick - a superb design piece for your livingroom.

LG LH90 LCD TV Series


Rating: (9.0)

With possibly the most accurate colors, THX certification and very deep black levels, LH90 series is a great choice if you don't need interactive features & Internet connectivity.

Samsung LN B650 - Best LCD TV for the Money

Samsung LN B650 LCD HDTV

Rating: (8.8)

Offering a good balance between price on one side and quality plus features on the other side, LN B650 models offer the best price to quality ratio from any LCD.

Panasonic S1 - Best Plasma TV for the Money

Panasonic S1 Plasma HDTV

Rating: (8.5)

This is very likely the best plasma HDTV for the money. S1 models offer a good balance between picture quality, features and price.