40 inch HDTV Reviews

Samsung LN40B650 LCD TV Review

Samsung LN40B650 LCD TVSamsung LN40B650 does not have such a big screen, but it does have other qualities that recommend it. First, it is part of the B650 series, and that is why it shares all the good points the series have. These include a very reliable connectivity, great colors, and access to video streaming options that make from Samsung LN40B650 a very good 40 inch LCD TV, rising over its competitors in the same price range. Being a newer type of LCD TV, it has 120Hz refresh rate, and, although it is not on par with 240Hz models, the difference given by this particular trait are not that visible to justify a bigger spending.

Samsung LN40B750 LCD TV Review

Samsung LN40B750 LCD TVWhile it is only but the smallest representative of the series, Samsung LN40B750 can prove to be a very good choice for someone desiring an LCD TV with great perks, but with a smaller screen, in order to reduce expenses, or simply because a smaller quantity of screen inches is on the wish list. It has 240Hz, a wide array of web streaming options, a very reduced response time, and a superior dynamic contrast ratio. You may not feel that comfortable with it, if you are going to watch TV in a room that is brightly lit, as some reflections are prone to appear, but the bottom line is that Samsung LN40B750 is a great option, if you can afford it.