HDTV Cleaning – How to Clean Your HDTV Screen

March 15, 2009

HDTV cleaning cannot be done with the same methods and tools we use for regular television screens. These gadgets have a special surface, and we can ruin the screen quality if we choose improper cleaning products. Of course, you cannot leave the screen without proper maintenance and care, and you need to know how to perform proper HDTV cleaning. This is what this guide is all about and we will try to give you all the needed insight and a few tips in getting the job done in the best way possible.

HDTV Screen Cleaning Enemies

First of all, let’s talk about not to do. More important than how to clean a HDTV it is how NOT to clean it. You might be tempted to clean it with substances used for cleaning other stuff, like windows or furniture. Don’t do that! So, here is a list with things to avoid:

  1. Strong chemicals. Do not use the same cleaning products that you buy for cleaning your windows. These are not, by far, recommended for such purposes. They can get irregular spots, scratches and smudges on the screen, that you will never be able to take away.
  2. Rough handling. When you want to clean the surface of the HDTV screen, you cannot rub the spots that are too stubborn to give up. Pressing too much against it may lead to permanent damage.
  3. Finger prints. These are important enemies of HDTV screens, as after a while they are quite hard to remove. There is no reason why you would get finger prints on the screen. Handling the HDTV does not require you to touch the screen.
  4. Kids. Small babies use their mouths to explore new objects. They could get attracted by the image on the HDTV and stick their mouth to the screen. When they are older they might just not find it important not to touch the screen.
  5. Pets. A cat or a dog can scratch the screen. It is not necessarily a frequent thing, but it happens. I don’t have any pets so I am not familiar with their habits, but maybe it is a good idea to keep an eye on them the first few days. See if they have a special interest in the TV.

How to Clean a HDTV in a Safe and Efficient Way

If dust got on the surface on the screen, it is enough to take a smooth cloth or a soft dust mop and gently clean it. This will do the trick, but remember to be gentle, as you do not want to wind up with a scratched screen.

For spots that seem impossible to remove, you can use cleaners especially designed for these delicate screens. As long as you use recommended products, of high quality, you will be able to achieve that shiny new look you want from HDTV cleaning. Look at the bottom of this guide for recommended products. Another good thing about these products is that they also prevent dust from gathering on the screen, as they have anti-static properties. This means that you will have a great looking TV for a longer time, so these products are worth the extra expense.

Read the manual

Any model of HDTV you buy comes with a manual, and questions about proper HDTV cleaning can be easily found there. Usually, the manufacturers recommend their users which products to use for cleaning the screen, and it is the best idea to listen to them.


Another way to keep your HDTV screen in the best condition possible is to prevent it from getting too dirty. If you do not allow your kids to leave their fingerprints all over and you keep away the pets, then your job will be easier.

Share This With Your Significant Other

Make sure that she or he knows how to clean it properly. They should be especially aware that chemicals and water should not be used to clean it. Anybody that might want to clean the screen should know this. If you usually do the cleaning around the house, one day your partner or your kids might want to surprise you. I remember that one day when I was a child, I wanted to surprise my mother and cleaned the whole house before she came back from work. It made her very suspicious, so she came to school to see if I have done something bad. Happily that was not the case.

You Scratched It?

If you have already cleaned the screen and you managed to scratch it or partially remove the anti-glare coating, there’s nothing you can do to fix it. It looks a bit bad when the TV is off, however it will probably pass unnoticed when the TV is on.

Recommended TV Cleaning Products

Monster ScreenClean Display Cleaning Kit (New alcohol free formula) (TV CLNKIT)
Monster ScreenClean Display Cleaning Kit (New alcohol free formula) (TV CLNKIT)
Ultimate Cleaning Kit for Plasma, LCD Displays
Ultimate Cleaning Kit for Plasma, LCD Displays
CleanDr 60407 00 LCD/Plasma Cleaning Mitt
CleanDr 60407 00 LCD/Plasma Cleaning Mitt
Plasma/LCD Tv Screen Cleaning System
Plasma/LCD Tv Screen Cleaning System
Comments on HDTV Cleaning – How to Clean Your HDTV Screen

Hi, I am deciding to get a 8 series Samsung Plasma TV because they are beautifully made, but I have read many reviews about complaints of Samsung Plasma TV making buzzing sounds. Is that normal or defective? If it is defective, is it fixable under the factory warranty? Thank you.


@Dan Wu: I know nothing about this. As far as I know, plasma TVs have buzzing noises in 2 cases:
1. If they have active cooling (fans), they will be heard if it a very quiet environment. That is normal (not defective).
2. If you are living at high altitude (over 7500-8000ft), the plasma TV might “work harder” to fire up the phosphors. However there is no evidence about this affecting the lifespan or damaging the TV in time.

Aside from these two reasons, there could be other uncommon ones, of course. But that would be the case with any electronic device. I can’t tell you why there is a buzz noise or if it is problematic. I suggest you contact Samsung and ask them. They might have more answers than I do.

You have a 30day money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with it or you notice problems, you can return it.



@GREY TONEY: Use a soft cloth and a HDTV cleaning solution (recommended products are at the bottom of this guide).

I have used the monster cleaner and leaves a film on my TV. The dust just smeared around. Is there any way to get that film and dust off?


@Chris: I have no idea why that happened. I used it too and had no problems with it. I see a similar comment with yours on Amazon.com. That guy said he used “Mirachem Optix cleaner and a true microfiber cloth (the tighter weave type that is used for lens cleaning)”. Maybe that will work for you too.

Country Joe

My 5 year old daughter found a spray bottle of kids sun screen, and now it is all over the front of my HD tv. Any ideas if the cleaning items reccomended on this page will work for something like this?

One (if not both) of my cats have been ’spraying’ our HDTV (when we’re not around) since we moved recently. We cannot seem to find the cleaning spray we had purchased when we bought the TV. I’m afraid my parents will try to clean the screen with water or windex, because they don’t seem to want to buy more solution (reguardless of my pleas)… Is there ANY way to clean it using some sort of ‘home remidy’ so they won’t ruin it with water or harsh chemicals?

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